Prompts for Google Play ratings in Beta

I had a thought earlier today, when SeriesGuide popped up the “Do you like this? Wanna tell people about it?” (paraphrased) message box.

Please understand, (a) this is NOT a complaint about the prompting, and (b) I am more than happy to “like & subscribe” when it helps support developers or content creators who work hard on great stuff that we can all freely access. It’s literally the least we can do in return.

But, that’s the thing. For beta users of the app, our feedback WON’T be publicly displayed or help to boost the app’s ratings/popularity, because beta feedback is private to the developer.

Which makes the whole “go rate the app!!” message box not bad or intrusive, but just completely unnecessary. All it can hope to accomplish is to increase the amount of traffic in the devs’ inboxes.

I think beta users can mostly be trusted to provide feedback when and if there’s something to report. (The ones who won’t, there’s no fixing them regardless.)

And if there’s nothing to report, then I’m not sure I see anything to gain by soliciting feedback anyway. Point is, maybe those feedback prompts make more sense in the released builds than the beta versions? What if the app set a flag that suppresses them automatically, in beta versions?

Like I said, just a thought! To be taken completely at face value, there are no subtexts or undertones here. I’ve been a very satisfied SeriesGuide user for close to a decade now; it’s awesome, and I’m happy to declare that publicly! (When it’s possible.)

Welcome! Thanks, I get your point! However, I’d like to keep this in as I also welcome positive feedback now and then. And also you would be surprised how many users on the beta program don’t think about providing feedback.

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Oh, I don’t think I would. But I guess I am surprised that the in-app prompts would make any significant difference there. We really are sheep!