QI not syncing to Trakt info

Why would my QI not sync?
On Trakt everything is watched. On Series Guide the first 5 seasons won’t sync to that and remain unwatched.
I have deleted the show and readded it.
Tried manual syncing.
But nothing seems to work.
Any ideas please?

Hi there. Is it maybe possible that the episode numbers do not match? Trakt might still be using TheTVDB data for that show, where SeriesGuide is already using TMDb data for all shows.

Thanks for the response.
Trakt uses TMDb for QI and according to them the first 17 seasons are an exact match when compared to TVDb during their change over of data.
TMDb does appear to name the series different, as in Series A, Series B etc instead of Season 1, Season 2 etc. but having said that Seasons 6 to 18 are syncing correctly, it is only Seasons 1 to 5 that will not sync.
So I am not sure what the difference is that will not allow them to sync correctly.

Still stuck on this. After numerous times deleting the show and readding it and “updating” it there is still no reason I can see as to why Series Guide will not recognise that I have watched all episodes in the series as shown on Trakt.

Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks

Anybody can help with this please?