Resync synced history to trakt

Trakt is offline for a week, some data may have been lost since November 7. But the data is still in the SeriesGuide. Can we resync them to trakt? Maybe a new view to compare data between local and trakt.

Seem like the DateTime of every watch does not include in the seriesguide-shows-backup.json.

I think Seriesguide is not able to record watch by watch. If you want to sync it, when trakt fully restored, it may count as at least twice per watch.

I will wait for the Restore Done Announcement and come back here to seek guidance.

We need an answer from the developer here . Marks about watching movie\episodes disappeared on trakt and Seriesguide will send the missing data to the site on its own , or will you have to manually compare and supplement everything ?

Yeah I’ve always wondered but have never needed to deal with it. Does SeriesGuide keep track of what time you watched something when you mark it as watched, so that when it syncs back up with trakt, it can send the correct watch time, or does it simply just send the current time as the watch time when the sync happens? I’ve watched several shows and movies while trakt has been down and was hoping SeriesGuide would at least temporarily be keeping track of what time those viewings were, for an accurate sync.

@req8jf2y I see you mention that you don’t see it in the backup, but the backup doesn’t necessarily represent 100% of the data the app collects during normal usage. Things like watch time could potentially only be something SeriesGuide saves temporarily until the next sync for example.

Sometimes, I also meet notifications of failure to sync to trakt (network issue), I hope we can resync them manually.

See Help | SeriesGuide for details including on what happens when the API is back up and you left Trakt connected or disconnected.