Selection of poster

How is determined what poster is taken from Same language, same number favourites. Thetvdb shows the most recent one, series guide the oldest one.

Welcome! Language must match, then the one with the most votes. Sometimes poster uploaders forget to set a language.

Have the same problem with 3 series, all Dutch (can only put 2 links below)

The settings of the series language in seriesguide are Dutch.
As far as I can see, the settings of the posters are set to Dutch, and the ones I want to see are the most favorited. For example hotel beau sejour should have the poster of the boat, but in seriesguide it shows the poster of the girl.

Any suggestions?



Maybe it takes a while to change the popularity. Beau sejour poster has changed today, the posters in the 2 other series not. Situation is identical, maybe I need to be a little more patient.

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Looks like just changing the poster (on thetvdb) alone doesn’t do anything in seriesguide. But if you change anything to the series in thetvdb, like adding an episode, then the poster changes in seriesguide.

It’s possible that the cache at TheTVDB is not properly invalidated when updating series.