Series Guide is not Marking a show as watched

As the subject says Series Guide is not Marking a show as watched.

It worked with Version 51 with Database 47 and then stopped about 2 weeks ago on a FireTV stick.

In an effort to fix the issue I updated Series Guide to Version 52 with Database 47 and it still is not marking the full watched show as watched.

I’m watching shows with CinemaHD version 2.1.5 and CyberFlix version 3.2.3.

Please let me know if this is a known issue or if it is being worked on or what I need to do if anything.



Hello Steve! I do not follow, are you marking it watched in SeriesGuide or using another app or service? E.g. if they are connected to Trakt and changes do not sync to SeriesGuide, you can try to disconnect and connect Trakt.

I am using Series Guide to watch various shows in CyberFlix and when the show is done (all the way to the end) Series Guide is not automatically marking it as watched as it has done in the past.

I have to go up to the watched check mark and click on it to show it as marked and go on to the next episode in the series.

There is no automation that would allow other apps to mark an episode watched in SeriesGuide.
Looking at the description of Cyberflix it is integrated with So check if it is still connected. Also for SeriesGuide make sure to not use SeriesGuide Cloud and only Trakt.