Series Guide won’t connect to internet

A week ago my series stopped showing and new episodes. When I tried to sync it says “Connect to the internet, then try again.”
All my apps work fine with no internet problem. I deleted Series Guide and all data and still have the same problem

I have tried the latest version and the one before. It has worked for years and this is the first problem I’ve had.

Welcome! Are you maybe using a different network connection? Or have you added a VPN? Or proxy settings? It’s possible somehow Android can not detect an internet connection, this will also cause SeriesGuide to show this error.

I have the same problem.

All images disappeared from the app.

When I try to sync manually, it throws up the
To update connect to the Internet

I’m on a Samsung S2 tablet with Android 7.

Adding this to say that the app is adding new episodes so it IS connected to the Internet!

It just doesn’t think it is when I want it to sync manually.