SeriesGuide 2024.3 preview

Development of the next version of SeriesGuide has started and it is available for testing.

This post will be updated when there is a new preview release.

2024.3.0 (2024-05-24)

  • :star2: Trakt ratings: support removing a rating.
  • :star2: Trakt comments: edit and delete comments.
  • :hammer: Trakt comments: refresh will actually show the latest comments, including after posting one.

2024.3.1 (2024-06-07)

  • :wrench: Shows: move Discover screen to top level.
  • :wrench: Shows: display all search results, filter by release year.
  • :wrench: Crew: display directors and writers first, then in order of job title.

2024.3.2 (2024-06-14)

  • :wrench: Shows: move Discover tab first, drop add show action, add search action, rename Shows to Added.
  • :wrench: Movies: move Watchlist next to Discover so order is similar to Shows screen.
  • :wrench: Shows: restore search option on history and calendar tabs.
  • :wrench: Show search: add Add show action, passes search query if there is one.
  • :hammer: Discover: properly display no results or no connection messages.
  • :hammer: Lists: hide set watched action when there is no next episode.

These releases are only available on the Google Play testing program.

View all release notes on GitHub.

Thank you everyone, for testing, translating, giving feedback, sending in bugs or contributing!

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Version 2024.3.1 released to the beta program. See the updated list above for changes!

The search button has disappeared from the Shows History, Upcoming, and Recent tabs. It’s inconvenient to not be able to search directly from these tabs.

EDIT: After a bit more use, I have the additional comments… I’m not a fan of new search layout. If I’m on the Upcoming tab - for example - and want to search for a show, this is what I now have to do:

  1. Go back to Shows tab.
  2. Press the search button and carry out search.
  3. If I realise now that I don’t already have the show, I need to do some extra steps…
  4. Back out of the search.
  5. Go to the Discover tab.
  6. Press the search button again and re-enter my search words again there. I can’t even use auto-fill for this.
  7. Now I can add the new show.

This is several more steps than what was previously needed. I think we still need a quick way to change from a show search within our own shows to an external Discover search. I’d rather have that than top-level Discover tab, which, by the way, clutters the interface in my opinion.


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weird this is not my experience

your 1 to 3 steps are ok, but if the show is not already added in my list of shows , then a button is available to directly add a new show :

And from there the list of all shows matching my search is available to be added

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Sure, but that Add Show button is only there if there are zero results. If there are some results - none of which are the show of interest - then you need to go through the process I described.

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In addition to my other comments, just noting that the Sync Manually menu has been dropped from the Upcoming and Recent tabs. I think it’s useful to have both this and the Search button on these tabs. These are the tabs I spend most time on.

… And a bug that I can consistently reproduce… I’m not sure if this is new in this version or not.

Discover → Watchlist → Press Android back button → Ok, returns to previous page.

Discover → Watchlist → Press SeriesGuide left arrow → App crashes.

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maybe the most simple solution would be to always have this “add show” button either at the top or bottom of search results and not only when there are 0 results

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Any way to move the discover tab location? I don’t really need it and kinda dislike that I have to always swipe it over if I wanna go to my history which I use pretty often. Got muscle memory from using the app that got kinda destroyed.

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Thanks for your feedback!

Version 2024.3.2 released to the beta program. See the updated list above for changes!

Also, note that I’ll be taking some more days off than usual. I’ll be more active again starting July!