SeriesGuide 49 with endless calendar, watched movie fixes

What’s new:

  • :wrench: Calendar: endless, uses all available space on large screens, easier to grab fast scroller.

  • :star2: Setting: ignore hidden shows for notifications (defaults to enabled).

  • :star2: Filters: add option to make all hidden shows visible at once.

  • :wrench: History: add link to trakt history website.

  • :wrench: Movies: add set watched option to more options (three dots) menu.

  • :wrench: Streaming search: add JustWatch for Poland.


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The update is rolling out now on Google Play and the Amazon App Store for Android 5 (Lollipop) and up. Thank you everyone, for testing, translating, giving feedback, sending in bugs or contributing code!

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Is there a way to limit the calendar’s scope on the “RECENT” TAB?

There is currently not.

Please fix the issue, with the new update where you have removed the ability to restrict the view.
It’s now an infinite calendar under recent, and is a nuisance?
Is there a work around?

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Hey, good evening. I’m brand new to the community - like, literally, I joined about an hour or so ago, so I’m truly sorry if this isn’t the correct place to write this - but I’ve been an intensely active user for at least two years now. Since I’m an avid TV watcher (also movie watcher, but I don’t use SeriesGuide for that), this is one of my very favorite and most useful apps.

With this last update, though, I’ve been having an issue that isn’t really that important in the grand scheme of things, but is a nuisance and I would very much like to solve it. Thing is, I was always able to have the upcoming episode of any given show appear only the day before it airs instead of 3 days. I’d just go to the advanced settings and it was done. Now, I can’t find either the option to change this - nor the entire advanced settings menu, now that I think about it. Am I missing something? Mind you, I’m not talking about notifications, just the eps displayed when you open the app. I wouldn’t like to see episodes that will air “in three days”, only the ones which will air “tomorrow”, you know?

Anyway, hello everyone and I hope I’m in the right place with this issue!

First of all welcome!

If I understand correctly, the option you want is to configure the Upcoming filter. Try tapping the filter icon in the top right, then tap the gear icon next to “Upcoming”. There you can select how soon a show with an upcoming episode should appear.

See, that’s why I sent this. I know how to use this filter, but in this new big update it’s disappeared. I don’t have the “Advanced” option in Settings anymore, which is where it used to be. There’s only the “Basics” option, and it’s simply not there. I’ve been trying and retrying everything for weeks. I’ll add screenshots here to illustrate what I’m saying:

Thanks for the attention and hopefully the reply with the solution to my problem!

The upcoming range setting has not been in advanced settings for a few years now. I should have posted a screenshot the first time, look here:

Years? Wow, then the other updates never changed my “1 day” setting, is that possible? I guess so, because my “show upcoming + non-watched episodes” never changed…anyway, it’s done. Thank you!

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Can we please have the same filter for the “Recent” tab? Having it default to infinite is very uncomfortable.

@Dean As mentioned above the next update will bring back an option to turn off the infinite calendar.