SeriesGuide 69.0.2 (preview): prepare for Android 14

On Android 14 setting precise alarms, like SeriesGuide uses for episode notifications, is not allowed by default when installing the app for the first time.
With this update SeriesGuide will hint at allowing this if necessary (back to Android 12 which also has this setting, but set to allow by default).

Notable changes in this preview release:

  • :wrench: Notifications: on Android 12 and newer, ask for permission to set precise alarm.
  • :wrench: Calendar: change calendar settings symbol from eye to a filter to hopefully be more intuitive.
  • :memo: Latest user interface translations from Crowdin.

This update is only available on the Google Play testing program.

View all release notes on GitHub.

Thank you everyone, for testing, translating, giving feedback, sending in bugs or contributing!

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Preview release is still stuck in review. I resubmitted and hopefully it will be available within the next day.