Seriesguide failed to update movie 'null'

I have this weird syns error for a while now and I don’t know to fix is because it states ‘null’ for the name.

The full error is:
Failed to update movie (‘null’, TMDB id 513209)

With kind regards

I don’t know if it is the same issue, but TMDB recently restricted access from Russian Federation (check it by opening
I wanted to ask developer to add an option to fallback to tvdb api, but I doubt it is doable.

I have the same issue. Any suggestions?

@EPiC When typing in it resolves to So maybe remove a movie named like “Drake God’s Plan” from any of your lists in SeriesGuide.

@Arthur It’s not possible to have a fallback as the two data sources do not match (each have their own guidelines how to handle certain edge cases, or group episodes differently due to history reasons).

Regarding TMDB issues in Russia or Belarus see the update at Could not talk to TMDB or Trakt


drake god’s plan is not in my list, can’t even find it in/with seriesguide, really weird…

I can’t even access your tmdb links???

@EPiC Sorry, the movie maybe doesn’t have a title. Try to sort your lists by title to more easily find it.

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could’nt find an empty titel in my lists, until I also sorted my viewed movie-list and guess what… There were 2 old movies who now at this moment didn’t have a title any more. So this fixed this ‘null’ error.

Now I have two new errors :see_no_evil:
‘swamp thing’ TMDB id 79240
‘monster family 2’ TMDB id 851112

But now at least I know the titles to look for haha. So I guess this can be fixed more easily.
Thank you for the support.

Edit: I found these 2 and also deleted these (to fix)
swamp thing the series got canceled (but re-add does work).
monster family 2; removed & also re-added again.