SeriesGuide Google TV Version

When I watch a movie or an episode on some serie on my TV (Google TV based), I have to find my phone to mark episode/movie as watched. And finding that phone can sometimes take some time … :blush:

As far as I know, Android and Google TV aren’t so far from each other, would a Google TV port of SeriesGuide be quite straight forward?

E.g. this is claimed to be possible:
“Apps and games that haven’t been specifically enabled for TVs won’t show up in the Play Store on your Google TV device. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t work on the TV. You’ll just have to download them from someplace else. That’s where sideloading comes in.”

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Welcome! Thanks for the suggestion. Actually Google kind of wants you to build a completely new interface for TV that is easy to navigate with a remote. I’m currently not so keen to invest time in this, I’d rather spend that on improving other things.