Show not showing in Shows list when most recent episode is watched

I’ve been using series guide for many months now and am comfortable with it.
I normally watch shows in episode order.
Recently, I watched an episode for Saturday Night Live out of order:
I watched the most recent, before watching previous shows in the same season.
Probably I have not done this before, and now I notice the show (Saturday Night Live) – which still has unwatched episodes in my app – does not show in the Shows | Shows listing.
I have removed hidden shows, and show unwatched in the “Filter shows”, and I expected my show to remain in the list since it is not hidden and has unwatched episodes.
Any idea what I am doing wrong?

If you watched the latest and there isn’t a new one released, yet, the show won’t have a next one displayed. If the show doesn’t match your filter settings anymore finding it through search is probably easiest. Then if you set an older one watched SeriesGuide will choose one released after that as the next one.

So effectively you may have previous seasons and episodes unwatched but you will never know that because they won’t show up in the “Shows” if the latest episode has been watched.

Is there not a way that you can get SG, if the latest episode has been watched, then look to see if their is an earlier unwatched episode and then get that episode to appear in “shows” as the next episode to watch?

This is possible, yes. But from past feedback most expect only future episodes to show up (e.g. to skip older episodes).

Future episodes don’t show up in the ‘shows to watch’ list; only in ‘upcoming’.
I don’t understand (this past feedback).