Shows more personalised

I don’t know if it’s possible, but i’d like classify my shows into 3 categories :

  • Shows in progress
  • Shows i’ve completed
  • Watchlist

PS: Your app is amazing and thank you so much


In my opinion, you can already achieve this functionality.

Shows in progress: add as a favorite so it comes up on the top.

Shows completed: hide these - if you want you can always filter and show only hidden items

Watchlist: normal list of shows that are not favorited

Yes thank you , but it will be more easy

Also, now that the app has the ability to track multiple watches of shows, it would be nice if there was a way for the app to recognize you’re on a rewatch. I think you’d probably have to manually mark it as a rewatch and it would simply place your progress after the most recently watched episode. If you just finished the show and marked it as rewatch right after, then it would suggest watching the first episode next. If you are already part way through a rewatch already when this functionality gets added, you could mark it as rewatch and it would be able to figure out exactly how far into the rewatch you are based on your most recent play.

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I do this for myself.
Rightly or wrongly I use lists (have a look at my profile) I have created a list for many catagories some being:

Is this the sort of thing you are after?
If a VIP member you can do .CSV downloads and mess around with the data.

Sorry, I’ve confused myself I do the lists on Trakt not in Series Guide, I’ll leave this though in case it’s something you might consider for Trakt.

Hey , thank you so much , i made these on trakt and i’m not a vip but there’s some shows i don’t find on trakt but on seriesguide for this reason i made this suggestion

Can I suggest that if a show is not on Trakt then it might not be on TMDb, have you checked on there to see if it is?
I believe Series Guide currently uses TVDb so that show may be on there, again you could look there and see.

Just add the tmdb id on the bottom of the trakt website, and it will be added to their shows