Snooze a show to temporarily hide it

In some circumstances I find a need to temporarily hide shows, to be able to use the Shows list as a sort of current Watchlist.

I live in Sweden and for some shows the difference between the air date and when it is available in Sweden is too long for “Edit release date” to be applicable. But there’s also other situations where I would find it useful.

Some examples:

  • Beck - Inferno premiered in Great Britain this summer, but won’t be available in Sweden until December.
  • The complete Family Guy is available on Disney+ in Sweden, but for new seasons the wait is several months.
  • Some seasons of Taskmaster is available on streaming services in Sweden, but when finished watching those I’d like to hide the show until the next season is available (unclear when)
  • For no other reason than wanting a break from a particular show for a while, it would be nice to be able to hide it.

Snooze functionality could be implemented with preset times (a day, week, month) and also to a specific date.

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