Some shows not displaying Upcoming and Recent

I have a number of shows not displaying in upcoming and recent tabs despite them having episodes. Under my shows tab I am displaying all shows with no filter. Some of the shows are:

Agents of Shield
Hollywood Game Night
Match Game

I have the same problem with “Marcella”, it appear and then disappear the new season.
Also some shows doesn’t show it’s image as an icon.

Welcome and thanks for reporting.

Are you sure that upcoming/recent does not have any view settings that prevent those shows from displaying?


Also just to mention: episodes will only show up in upcoming if they have a release date.

Hi Uwe,

Here are my view settings.

Here is an example of a show that has an upcoming release date but is not showing up on the upcoming tab.

Now Marcella appears but doesn’t have the release date of season 3, which will be on 14th june at Netflix.

Works here. Maybe try to close the app (e.g. swipe it away from the app switcher).

Thanks Uwe, but this issue continues. I have had clear the cache several times and still not working.
Also the show “Win the wilderness: Alaska” appears as “Coming” but it has the correct release day (it was on February) 🤷.

Hi there!

I have been having the same problem with al lot of shows. I haven’t even been using the app for weeks/months now bescause of the same problem. Though I am a paying customer.

For me it are shows like charmed, the flash, supergirl, Legends of tomorrow… well, almost everything…


2 seconds after posting this… everything showed up…

Could it be because I synchronized? I never had to do that before…

Not working for me Fleur :grimacing:

Problems with DB they pull info from: -

“Websites prove their identity via certificates, which are valid for a set time period. The certificate for expired on 6/23/2020.” had a brief outage, yes.

In any case here are some things to check that your devices correctly sync and update data: