Sort Movies Watched tab by date watched

Hi, is it possible to either:

  1. Add a sort option for the Movies Watched tab so we can see what was added first/last? Right now it’s alphabetical so it’s difficult to find any order to it.


  1. Add a history tab to the Movies section just like TV Shows that contains a list of watched movies in the order they were watched starting with most recent.


Those features already exist.
Maybe you need to update the app to the last version.

Can you point me in the right direction on where the option should be? I have confirmed I am on the latest version. On the Movies tab, if I click on the Watched column, there is a sort button at the top right but the only options are sort be title or release date. I do not see how to sort it by when it was marked watched.

There isn’t exist that kind of sort but there is a history tab below the navigation bar, just scroll to the left side or the right side, it is on the left side of the watchlist.

So I don’t have a history column. On the Movies tab, I have Discover, Watchlist, Collection, Watched. I’m not sure how to get the history tab. Attached a screenshot to show.

Maybe you need to get the pro version.

I subscribe to the pro version.

@uwe would you know why I am not seeing the history tab for movies?

Don’t know how, but I have history too. Never used seriesguide for movies. I have X pass since 2014.

Are you guys using Trakt or Seriesguide cloud for syncing? I’m wondering if it has something to do with me using Seriesguide cloud instead of Trakt.

I have trakt and seriesguide cloud.

I use both services as well

Signing in with Trakt solved this, thanks @Kris_Vermandere and @Aldo_Moreno for troubleshooting with me, really appreciate it.

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You’re welcome bro, I’m glad you found and solved the problem.

Yes, movie history is powered by Trakt. SeriesGuide itself does not remember when you watched a movie.