Sync and Updates

Hey @uwe

Is there anything that can be done about shows being able to sync in the background, or when the app isn’t open? There have been many times, I’ll think a show hasn’t aired, but when I open a show, it updates. Even the full sync and update or download buttons don’t work until the show is clicked on.

Check Help | SeriesGuide

Note that when not opening the app a show will be updated about every week. If you open a show it can get updated about every day.

That setting is turned on for me and always has been. To be clear, are you saying that a manual Sync & Update from the menu should work to update ALL shows if the information is available? … Without having to click on each individual show?

Choosing the manual sync option does the same thing that happens automatically about every 5 minutes while using the app: it will update any shows that have not been updated since about 7 days.

I want to revisit this if I could. I was again browsing the app today and had several shows that never updated. I’ve had the app open for 10+ minutes and did several Download/Sync and Update/Sync and there were still several of my shows that didn’t update until I clicked on them. Low and behold, 4 new episodes popped up and it shot to the top of the list. Is there something I’m doing incorrectly?

I’ve been using this app for years and I am really considering finding something else because shows are not updating anymore. Shows that have aired are not showing up as available to mark as seen in the app.

I understand your frustrations. I hope that @uwe would be able to look into it.

Until he’s able to look deeper into the issue, do a download and update, wait a few minutes, then tap on each individual show and it will update within a few seconds.

@uwe are there any updates you can provide? Or help us look into this issue?

@uwe do you have any suggestions?