Sync tv show favs json file

How do I sync my tv show favs json file to the seriesguide app ?

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I came here for the same situation

Welcome! This app probably organizes the JSON differently, so it would have to be migrated before it can be imported in SeriesGuide.

See JSON export format · UweTrottmann/SeriesGuide Wiki · GitHub for the current format. Though note that this is currently changing due to the TMDb migration. E.g. if you are on SeriesGuide 58 or higher, just add a test show and export that to see the current format.

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Note: another user said it is possible to connect that app to Trakt, then do the same with SeriesGuide, then add your shows from the discover screen.

I’ve been poking around different solutions for a couple of days. TV Show Favs will sync to Trakt, BUT:
Your episodes watched will be stored in In Progress, which Seriesguide will see
Your favourited TV series will be stored to a List, which Seriesguide will not see (correct me if I’m wrong)

I’ve had a quick look at scripting a conversion of TVSF json to SG json and it looks possible, but I’ve not got it working reliably yet.