Trakt - after service is restored

Trakt seems to be having database corruption that may eventually cause some of the watch history after 7 Nov to not get restored.
I was wondering if we can use the cached data in Series Guide to push these back to Trakt?
Does Series Guide actually store the date and time something was watched / checked-in, or does it just store the flag without any date/time?


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In theory , if you log out of the trakt account in the application and then log back in , then seriesguide will enter the missing data on the trakt website . But this is not accurate , we need confirmation from the creator of seriesguide .

Check your Trakt dashboard, it’s likely you will be offered to restore these watched episodes.

Also, if you did leave SeriesGuide connected to Trakt it will send any watched/collected episodes and movies since Trakt went down to your Trakt profile using the time you did watch/collect them. So anything since around 2022-12-12.

If you did disconnect SeriesGuide from Trakt, once you re-connect it will upload any watched/collected episodes and movies. However, the episodes/movies will then be marked as watched at the time you re-connect.

Thanks Uwe
I have been offered a restore, but I’m just not sure if this is complete and wanted to use SeriesGuide to re-upload in case the restore is missing a few things.

I didn’t delete the Trakt connection and SeriesGuide has already updated with the Trakt API.

Would this have re-uploaded anything missing from Trakt after the restore?

No, it doesn’t. It seems it only marks as watched the episodes you marked at the moment, not in the past.

I had all the episodes of Wednesday, the Netflix series, marked as watched but when trakt synced up, they unmarked

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