TV Show "Statistics" Data

I brought this up recently in another topic, but it was as a reply to a weeks-old (months-old?) discussion so I’m not sure who, if anyone, was even still paying attention there. I figured it was worth raising separately.

Uwe’s explanation for the “Statistics” item “__ with next episodes” is:

At least for my own use of SeriesGuide, that tends not to be a meaningful statistic, because it so frequently overlaps with “continuing”. I rarely have planned or in-production shows in SeriesGuide — typically, I only add a show once I start watching it, which is usually some time after the premiere. (Sometimes years after.) Meanwhile, any show I’m starting to watch only after it’s already ended (which happens quite frequently) won’t show up in that count even when I’ve got plenty of episodes left to watch.

At the same time, other statistics that would be interesting aren’t generated, and have to be manually tallied. Like (I’m adjusting this significantly from what I posted in the previous topic):

  • While there are 30 “with next episode” shows in my SeriesGuide database, I’m all caught up on 14 of them. They are “Continuing”, but have no next episode currently defined. I’ve watched all of the available regular-season episodes to date.

  • Another (counts by hand…) 5 shows (one of which is Ended) have at least one unwatched, aired episode; they’re the ones I could potentially watch right now.

  • The remaining (30 - (14 + 4) =) 12 shows have a scheduled, but as yet unaired, next episode set to become available on some specific future date. Whether that’s later this week, or when they pick back up in the Fall (now that schedules are starting to be announced), these are shows which are not merely “Continuing”, but “scheduled to air”.

None of those dimensions — caught-up ongoing, available-unwatched, or scheduled-to-air — are reflected in the current Statistics, even though they seem like usefully interesting pieces of data. Instead, 95% of the time SeriesGuide will show me the exact same number for both “continuing” and “with next episode”, because those are defined with so much overlap.

I just wonder if there might not be a better use for one of those Statistics slots?