Tvdb claims that they aren't going anywhere

By switching to tmdb thousands upon thousands of shows will not be available. Tvdb isn’t perfect but it is a trillion times better than tmdb.

Thanks to their contributors, who are switching to to add the data over there from now on.

Some clarifications: only Trakt is currently switching. We’re working closely with Plex, TV Time, and Kodi. Additionally, over 90% of the users that had free access to our API before will continue to in the future, including SeriesGuide if Uwe decides to take us up on our offer.

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In an ideal world, there is one database that serves as a source for tvdb, tmdb, imdb, wikipedia. And tv and movie studios provide the data.

Unfortunately, the world is not ideal.

@szsori Thanks for your message!

SeriesGuide will stick with TMDb as Trakt is switching to it and SeriesGuide integrates with Trakt.

The update switching to TMDb is already out, I don’t plan to roll back months of work and do yet another migration.

“A trillion times better?” Really? Out of 570 shows, I’ve only had one that wasn’t available on TMDB, which was an old show that only ran for a few episodes and ended years ago. And that show was added in a subsequent update. True, it isn’t perfect, but honestly, in the last couple of years I’ve had way more issues with The TVDB than with TMDB.

OK, closing this. Never was a constructive discussion anyhow and it’s getting personal.