Upcoming subscription price increase

After some hard thinking and calculating I decided to rise prices for the subscription tiers and the one-time purchase X Pass app. This wasn’t an easy decision. The lowest subscription tier has always been very affordable as I know that many don’t want or even can spend a lot of money on an app. But at this point I am working a significant amount of time on the app while revenue has been going down. So I decided to ask for a little more each year even at the lowest tier to not just pay for running costs, but also the work I put in. I believe this is a fair thing to do and I hope most of you support this decision.

That being said I am open for (constructive) feedback regarding this change! And it is totally fine if you decide to cancel your subscription. Most of the app’s features will remain free to use (and without ads).

As for the logistics: existing subscribers should get notified by Play Store about the price increase in the next few days. And if you (hopefully) do not cancel your subscription, the new price will take effect the next time the subscription renews.

Note that you can change your subscription tier at any time within the app (tap More > Unlock all features and select a different tier). So if your current tier is too expensive, you still might be comfortable with a lower one (thank you!).

Thank you everyone for your continued support!


Don’t know the current prices. Bought an X pass in 2014. I try to contribute to seriesguide by adding content. Unfortunately to thetvdb the past 7 years, but I’ll try my best to switch data to themoviedb.

That’s quite a steep increase (five times more - in my local currency), but oh well, the app still worth it.

what are the new pricess?
also, you have more than 1 M downloads.
why not keep this an affordable lifetime subscription instead of raising prices so steep?
I would hate to cancel my subscription but wont have any other choice.