Watched time, collection and air dates are not being updated

If I mark something on trakt, it’s not ticked on the app.

If I add a movie to my collection on trakt, it’s not shown on the app.

Also, air dates are not being updated, for example the new episode of Rick and Morty is shown as unknown date.

It seems there’s something wrong with the trakt and tmdb apis.

V70 is broken.

Thanks for reporting. I guess you already had a look at Help | SeriesGuide?

If yes, can you please share more details about your device (model, Android version)?

Samsung A14.
Android 13

Hm, I can’t find any error reports for this device model. Also no other users have reported issues.

Your SeriesGuide is not connected to Cloud, only to Trakt? Did you try on another connection? On your device you probably can access and

I’m having the same problem. Anything marked as watched in trakt doesn’t sync to seriesguide and vice versa.

Oppo Find X3 Neo 5G

ColorOS 13.1

@Daz Is SeriesGuide Cloud connected? That will turn off Trakt syncing. Otherwise, try to disconnect and connect Trakt again? Also maybe check Help | SeriesGuide