When I've been using the app recently and open it back up, shows that have begun airing recently don't always show up right away as unwatched

For example, if I have just been watching a movie, having checked in to the movie on SeriesGuide (so the app is still open in memory), and when I’m done with the movie, I go back to the app, switch to the shows tab, and the shows that have just started airing are not on my show list, filtered by unwatched. I then have to back out of the app and reopen it, and then they show up just fine (or I could search or unfilter). It’s like the app doesn’t re-check the current time against the show airtimes in every app resume scenario. So closing the app (or using the back button to exit it) and then reopening it is required for those shows to display in the list as they should.

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Welcome, thank you for reporting this issue. I just checked and every time you return to the shows section it should update which episode is next for each show in the background. Not sure why this is not working on your device. What device are you and what version of Android is it using?

OnePlus 5 on Android 10, although I noticed this on Android 9 too.

The issue isn’t whether it updates what the next episode is, the issue appears to be connected to how the app determines whether an episode has aired yet or not. It doesn’t seem to be automatically rechecking the current time or something, so if I was in the app before the episode aired, and returned to the app without closing it, while that episode is currently airing, the unwatched filter doesn’t update with the episodes that had just begun airing in that time frame. If I remove filters I can use the app just fine, but I prefer to use the unwatched filter so that I don’t have dozens of shows being displayed at the same time, most of which won’t air again for weeks or months.

Ha, actually there is a bug. Thanks for the additional explanation!

Details: The query is re-run, but it does not update timestamps used to determine unwatched episodes.

This will be fixed with the next update!

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Awesome, glad to help!