Widget not responding

For the last couple of weeks, the widget does not open the app, no matter where I tap on it (widget title “Upcoming”, episode title, menu icon). It is not completely unresponsive, the tapped elements are flashing but the app does not open. I can only open it through its home icon.

Thanks for the great app!

PS 1: I wanted to upload a screen recording but the forum does not support it…
PS 2: I have problems with series missing episodes too (eg The Man in the high castle) but I see that you already work on these.

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Welcome, thanks for reporting! Does removing and adding the widget again help?

Did you forcibly move the app to external storage/SD card? This breaks the widget.

Or depending on your phone overreaching power management software might break the widget. For pointers see https://dontkillmyapp.com.

Hello Uwe and thanks for the reply!

  • Removing and adding the widget only helped for a short time. I thought I had solved the problem but it came back pretty soon.
  • I have no external storage/SD card and never had one.
  • My phone is a Redmi 7 (I should have mentioned). I made one power management change (set Battery saver to “no restrictions”) and, for the time, it works!

I will get back to you if the solution proves to be temporary. Thanks for all the help!


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