Widgets not working on Chromecast with Google TV Os 12

I have a Chromecast with Google TV and the widget for seriesguide won’t add to the home screen but all other widgets work. Seriesguide is in the list to add.

Tv Os 12
Chromecast with Google TV (4k)

SeriesGuide is not officially supported on Google TV, that’s probably why the widget does not work.

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Could you do some tv work and make it officially work on it. I’ll be happy to help test.

It shows up in widget list and it use to add and it followed dark mode so I don’t think there is much work to be done hopefully. It just won’t do anything after clicking on it from widget list just heads back to my launcher home screen.

Sorry, at this point I really would like to spend my time on other things. Especially as this will add yet another thing to maintain. And with Google’s history of abandoning products I’d rather not put in the work at this time.