X Pass icon visible on Android 13 with Pixel Launcher

Since the update to Android 13, the X Pass icon is visible all the time in the app list of the Pixel Launcher. On Android 12 with the Pixel Launcher the icon was invisible after opening it once. Clicking on it now opens the X Pass app info page. Is it possible to hide the icon again as it serves no further purpose?

Device: Pixel 4a 5G
OS: Android 13
OS build: TP1A.220624.014
Pixel Launcher version: 13

Welcome! Sorry, hiding the launcher icon is no longer possible on Android 13. If I understand correctly the ability to hide the icon was completely removed by Google because malware apps have been abusing this to hide from users.

Side note: to at least restore the app (instead of seeing the app info page) you can re-install it.

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