"Zombie" shows reappearing after deletion

I have a set of shows I had in the app prior to the transition to TMDB that I have since removed. It seems whenever there is a new update or whenever I get signed out of SeriesGuide Cloud, they return to my show list.

I assume this is because they are retained I some database from prior to the TMDB transition and the update or sign out is triggering a re-migration of the old TVDB data.

Is there some way to forcefully clear out the old data so it no longer attempts to migrate itself and restore these since-removed shows?

So you removed these shows while signed into SeriesGuide Cloud? Otherwise Cloud won’t get the signal that you removed these shows and will add them again.

Every time I’ve removed them, I’ve been signed into SG Cloud. Again, it’s usually after an update or being signed out of SG Cloud, so I would have just signed back in.