51-beta1/2 fixes bugs, future proofs for TheTVDB.com changes

Update 2019-09-05: Released 51-beta3 to resolve issues connecting to TheTVDB.com and checking in with trakt.

Friendly reminder: if you are not comfortable with things occasionally breaking, leave the beta program.

Update 2019-08-30: released 51-beta2 to fix a crash when viewing episodes and a show has not title or poster.

Also as usual for the first beta release a bunch of third party code was updated to the latest releases which include fixes and improvements.

  • :wrench: Fetch show small poster path instead of constructing it, to future proof for upcoming changes at TheTVDB.com.
  • :hammer: Fix discover screen displaying shows that can not be added.
  • :hammer: Fix the subscriptions screen displaying a developer error in some cases.

View all changes at https://github.com/UweTrottmann/SeriesGuide/blob/dev/CHANGELOG.md.

This beta is only available on the Google Play Beta program. Learn how to join at https://github.com/UweTrottmann/SeriesGuide/wiki/Beta.

Thank you everyone, for testing, translating, giving feedback, sending in bugs or contributing!

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App is not updating to trakt again.


App is not contacting to TVDB.

TVDB broken for me as well, can’t add any new shows…

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Got a problem as well: Check-ins on trakt always say that the movie is not yet on trakt. It is and I actually checked in to that movie before.

I can’t mark an episode as watched successfully, it’s not showing in the history tab like before. I tried many times, even removed the trakt account & login again but it’s not working like before. Could you please look into it.

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Definitely a bug in latest beta release. Either have to wait for a fix or do the following as I did.

  1. Create backup files
  2. Leave SeriesGuide beta in Play store.
  3. Uninstall SeriesGuide.
  4. Install regular, non-beta release from Play store.
  5. Restore backup(s) and reconfigure settings.

That fixed the problems for me. Think I will just stick with the regular release going forward.

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Thank you so much for this info, now everything is back to normal. I’ll stick to stable until these issues are fixed permanently :+1:


I can confirm the procedure written by @Hank works well. I’ve tried it on another smartphone / another Google Play account.

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Thanks to all. I’ll have a look at potential breaking changes introduced in the last beta!

May have been a temporary server issue. Clearing the cache in your device’s settings might be worth a try.

Edit: something else is up, having a deeper look.

Isolated the issue. New beta release is coming up.

Again, thanks to everybody who wrote this in!

Update 2019-09-05: I submitted 51-beta3. However, the Play Store review process is taking unusually long (6+ hours). Though the update should be available in the next few hours.

Friendly reminder: if you are not comfortable with things occasionally breaking, leave the beta program.


Thank you Uwe! Trakt Check-in works again

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Thank you so much! Everything works fine now.

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Now the problem goes to TMDb

I may have found another bug. When checking into a movie on trakt ,Seriesguide does not mark them as seen anymore. Tried it with three movies and none is watched.

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I am very thankful for the latest update. Now SeriesGuide is up and working on my Android phone.

Unfortunately, I mainly use SeriesGuide on my Android tablet… And I’m still having issues downloading new shows and connecting to Trakt.

Any help is appreciated.

Each episode and/or movie has a direct link to it’s site on Trakt.

Follow the link available to and mark it watched there directly.

More troublesome, but should help you out until everything is fixed.

Thank you Jessica. I already know that. And setting the movie watched in seriesguide stills works too. But I just wanted to let Uwe know, that there might be something else that he might have to take a look at.

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