Can't add a show to my list

What can i do i can’t add a show to my list, and i tried to update the show but i didn’t update
can anyone help me please??

What do you mean by add to list? Add to your library, or an actual list? What show? What version of SeriesGuide are you using?

I have the same problem.
My list are emty now. And I can’t add anyting in my list.

In SeriesGuide before I cold add season on a series to spesific list.
My list is in year.
When I was in a show on al season and press the 3 dots, I get a menu, I there it stand “add to list” this is now missing.
Sees pictures


Here are my list compeate emty


I’m sorry, since the first beta of version 58 you can only add shows to your lists. Seasons and episodes are no longer supported due to a database changed required for the TMDb migration.

Edit: I’ll try to display old season and episode entries in the next beta so it’s easier to add the show to the list instead.

add to a list i created by myself
It’s about five shows austin & ally , berdani ana, helwe w kzebe, love me not and penny on m.a.r.s.
i am using 58 beta 6

For these shows, does the TMDB link in the Details view work? If not, then these shows can not be found on TMDB and SeriesGuide will prevent them from getting added to a list (as they now use TMDB IDs to refer to a show internally).

yes there’s a link for tmdb

If the link on TMDB don’t show a work , what should i do?? I have to create one on the TMDB??
Per Exemple the show austin and ally has a work on the TMDB but when i click into the link of the TMDB on the app no work viewed . What can i do ??

You will have to wait until the show is added on TMDB (and the TheTVDB ID is linked under external IDs). Then SeriesGuide will switch to TMDB.

As for your example: can you provide a TheTVDB link and a TMDB link? Then I can edit TMDB for you (I have an account there).

I have also an account on the TMDB .Can tell what i have to do?? Because there’s many shows and one these shows i created it by myself here and edited some of them

I added some screenshots at the bottom of the FAQ page: TMDb Migration Issues and Questions

Hey, thank you for your help it worked . I just removed these shows and then i added them again , it worked perfectly , thank youu