Change show order

Now that the switch to TMDB is done, they seem to keep track of what shows have “ended” and what shows were “canceled”. Before, they were all marked “ended” regardless and would always go to the end of the list when I have order set to “oldest episodes”. Now the “ended” shows still go to the end of the list but the “canceled” ones stay in the middle. Could you change the order so the “canceled” episode also go to the end of the list?

Welcome! The latest beta release no longer sorts by status when sorting by latest/oldest next episode. It introduced a sort by status option instead. See 59-beta1 with small design updates, sort by status

Hello. Thank you for letting me know. I just got the beta and tried that setting. I see how it works but now all the shows with upcoming episode dates are mixed with the “continuing” episodes rather than being at the top. I can see that they are all in alphabetical order rather than by their next air date. Is there a way you can order them by status, then by air date and then by alphabet? That was always a quick and easy way to see when shows are scheduled to return without scanning through a bunch of other episodes in the “upcoming” tab.

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I just wanted to say thank you for adding sorting by status back into oldest and newest episodes sorting. :smiley:

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