Site jumping around

I have used SG for some years and for a while there has been a bug that I don’t understand. (I use the app in my language, so some words may be wrong). When I go a bit back under “Latest” and check mark a show, the page jumps back several weeks. If I go to the page for a specific show, It might stay in place when I go back to the main list, but not always. It hinders my clearing process and I hope you can fix it. This is on a Lenovo tablet.

Hello, thanks for reporting this issue! Are you talking about the calendar tabs? Is this similar to the issue reported by another user at Jumping calendar on BlueStacks 4 and update show option ?

This is part of the problem, but the screen also jumps every time I tick a show, usually to the a previous “not seen” show weeks before. It also freezes at the last show I ticked, and I have to scroll down a bit, then up to get to the next episode.

If this program is not compatible with an android tablet, that is ok, I could use the app on my android phone instead, but it would be a lot of work reticking everything (as I have done a couple of times before when changing tablets). Syncing with Trakt should have been possible the other way too.

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