Transition from TheTVDB to TMDB

First of all I’d like to say that I am verry happy that the app is switching to TMDB, because I think it’s better and more complete. Thank you, Uwe Trottmann, for providing us with this wonderful app.
When and how will the switch happen ?

Where did you see there will be a switch to tmdb?

Looks like switching is beginning. See my post New episodes added to thetvdb
Looks like there aren’t a lot of Dutch series in tmdb, compared to thetvdb.

As the tweet said it’ll take a few weeks. As SeriesGuide does not run its own database you will have to wait for an app update. The first people to get it are those participating in the beta program.

I am ! Thank you for you answer.

I’m trying to understand how Seriesguide, thetvdb and tmdb works.

There’s thetvdb, a database that contains info about series (and maybe movies, don’t know.
There’s tmdb, another database that contains info about series and movies.
There’s trakt, a database that keeps track of the series and movies you watch. They don’t have data about the series and movies theirselves, they used the data from thetvdb. And now they will be using the data from tmdb. They are syncing the databases, so I will still be able to see what series and movies I have watched.

Seriesguide took data from thetvdb, and combined it with data from trakt so I could keep track of the series I watched. And now, my data with what I watched is also stored on google drive.

Now thetvdb starts asking money to use their database, and most programs that used an api to collect data from thetvdb are switching to tmdb.

So far, I still understand.

But now I’m a bit confused. I used to add data to thetvdb, and finally this data arrived in seriesguide. Since seriesguide won’t be using thetvdb anymore, but tmdb, I shouldn’t be adding data to thetvdb anymore. I guess I should add it to tmdb now. But a lot of the series where I was adding data, are far from complete on tmdb. So I guess in seriesguide, the series info won’t be there? But the series seasons and episodes will still be there, because that info comes from trakt? And artwork will now also come from tmdb instead of thetvdb, so I should upload the artwork there. And for new info about series, I now have to add it in tmdb if I want to see that info in seriesguide.

Is that more or less what will happen?

Added myself to the beta program too

Maybe you will find helpful.

In the future the main provider for shows will be TMDB.